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Plumbing in State College, PA & BellefontE, PA
Joseph C. Hazel Inc.

Joseph C. Hazel Inc. Provides Plumbing Services That Work

Joseph C. Hazel Inc. provides reliable and efficient plumbing in State College, PA and Bellefonte, PA. We are one of the most trusted plumbing sources in Bellefonte, PA, and our reputation is reliable.

Contact Joseph C. Hazel Inc. today at (814) 355-4841 for water heaters, gas and drain lines, back flows, and more. We also provide Heating, HVAC, and Air Conditioning as well.

We Get the Right Water Heaters, and Gas and Drain Lines in Bellefonte, PA

Joseph C. Hazel Inc. does not just install plumbing systems; we install water heaters, gas and drain lines and more. We offer prompt, dependable service from licensed technicians to provide customers with peace of mind. We can handle any size sprinkler system, in Bellefonte, PA, and beyond. No job is a challenge in and around Bellefonte, PA, for the master plumbing technicians at Joseph C. Hazel Inc.
We offer various plumbing services to keep your system running smoothly at your home in Bellefonte, PA, and surrounding areas. When you need to repair clogged drains, backflows, and sprinkler systems repaired, trust the experts. Our plumbers have seen many customers and know what to do in almost any situation. We will do warranty paperwork for our clients. Our staff will also provide new construction, and replumbing for residential and commercial customers.

Our Staff Also Provides Medical Gas and New Plumbing

Joseph C. Hazel Inc is one of the only contractors that install medical gases. Dental offices, hospitals, and surgery centers come to us for all their medical gas needs. Our team of experienced and dedicated workers will safely and securely install medical gases for clients. Medical gases are essential for these facilities, and we do our best to ensure they are safe to use.

We also install plumbing as new construction gets underway. Plumbing plays a vital role in every structure. Our team will carefully and securely install the plumbing for new buildings in the area. We pride ourselves on quality work and leaving no stone unturned in every job. Contact us today when you need medical gas and new plumbing. Our staff is here to answer any questions you may have.

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Contact Joseph C. Hazel Inc for plumbing in State College, PA and Bellefonte, PA.